Cloudy urine: causes in women and why these changes happen during pregnancy

Turbid urine causes in women which are talking about different, not always appear because of illness. The color of the urine in a healthy person can vary from pale to deep yellow color. It’s all in the urochrome and uroerythrin — special substances, which affect the color of urine.

Urine without impurities looks transparent, but it can change color when you change the diet women and when taking specific medicines. The color of urine can vary, if the body undergoes various inflammatory processes or failures in the internal organs.

Of course, focusing only on the color of urine to diagnose any disease is impossible. This requires a detailed clinical analysis with the study of impurities and sediment, if any. All data obtained as a result of research material, are recorded in a special form — it indicates the color and clarity of urine. The most banal reason that urine changed color is wrong storage. Urine, stand in an open vessel over 5 hours, was exposed to oxygen, minerals secretaryoffice and precipitated.

As a result of this process urine has changed color and consistency of it seems dark and opaque with lots of sediment. Therefore, the date on which the analysis will fit only the morning urine collected in the next 1-2 hours. Turbid urine causes in women which are different, may appear as a result of several factors, which can be removed independently, or through appropriate treatment.

In hot weather the urine may become turbid due to dehydration. In summer, people often sweat and need to replenish fluids in the body. If not, you can get a lot of unpleasant effects, including clouding of urine. So if you noticed that in summer the urine changed color, think about the normalization of drinking. The color of urine can affect change in tastes.

For example, the emergence of new products in the diet or too frequent use old. Proven that people, often eating beets or asparagus, the urine is often opaque, and fans of milk and orange juice see a change in consistency of urine.

If for some time to eliminate these foods from the diet, the urine will return to its normal condition. This is done in order to verify whether food true cause clouding of the urine. If so, then not to worry — it’s pretty common and absolutely normal. An overabundance of vitamins in the body can also affect the color and consistency of urine. The fact that our body is able to absorb only a certain amount of vitamins coming in. The excreted along with the urine, due to which it becomes cloudy. Most of all the color of urine is influenced by the vitamins «b» and «C».

This situation can occur if you for a long time, take vitamins, or if most of your diet consists of fruits. The urine will again become transparent as soon as you stop taking the vitamins. The reasons for the change in the character of discharge from the bladder can be more specific. For example, failure to intimate hygiene. Urine from a woman may change after the making love.

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In that case, if the girl is sensitive about personal hygiene, regularly take a shower and change of clothes, turbidity in the urine after sex can be due to the fact that it is discharge from the penis of the partner. If the color of urine still causes the woman to be suspicious, do urinalysis to make sure there are no problems with the kidneys or lymph drainage.

This study can also show the presence or absence of inflammation of the bladder. If the color of urine female pain in lower back cramps in the belly is a significant reason to see a doctor.

Urine can also purchase an unusual tone with a heavy power loads or grueling workouts. In this case, the color of the urine is a signal the body that it is time to make changes to sport mode and reduce load. Opacity of urine in the morning is a sign of accumulation of toxins in the bladder. This situation is quite normal, because uninterrupted night sleep involves many hours from urinating.

Please note

If during urination you feel the itching, burning, pain of a different nature — you should be set to refer to a nephrologist or dermatologist. Such a pattern may indicate disease of the kidneys or genitourinary system.

Why urine is cloudy: causes, caused by diseases

Why urine is cloudy for inflammation in the bladder? Urine with sediment, and holds a lot of cereal, there is sediment and a large amount of cereal, she herself opaque, cloudy. Depending on the severity of the disease, the urine may have an unpleasant smell, admixture of pus. The process is accompanied by pain in the area above the pubis.

Cystitis is one of the most common women’s diseases on the part of urology. Because of its acute course, and pronounced symptoms, cystitis can not bring discomfort to the woman. This disease has a direct impact on the way of life and working activity of women, makes it impossible for a good rest and visit to educational institutions. The anatomy of a woman’s body is such that the bladder is close to places with large concentrations of microorganisms painful the vagina and the anus.

One of the signs why urine is cloudy — this is urolithiasis. In this case, the urine turns brown or reddish color. If the shade became scarlet, this speaks to the fact that the stones in mochevyvodyashih ways. White urine indicates kidney problems, or of lymphedema. Lymphedema is a malfunction of the lymphatic system that is associated with poor lymph drainage from the tissues.

To diagnose the disease and determine its causes, conduct ultrasound examination of organs of small pelvis and abdominal cavity. Additional types of studies include chest x-ray lymphography, ultrasound of blood vessels. There are both conservative and surgical methods for the treatment of this disease. In diseases of the digestive tract, the urine darkens and loses its transparency.

The same pattern was observed when disruption of the liver. In malignant tumors in the liver and polycystic ovarian urine becomes dark-red color, becomes cloudy. Contaminants in the urine can raise suspicion for vaginitis in women.Vaginal discharge get into the urine, which she takes on an unnatural hue and change the opacity.

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With abundant allocation whiter, it is recommended to close the vagina with a swab to correctly to collect urine for analysis. If after a few days the color of urine and its transparency is not returned to normal, and if there are other warning signs, you should seek help. Difficulty urinating is another reason to consult a specialist. An experienced doctor will be able to identify the causes of changes in urine color and prescribe treatment. In advanced cases may require hospital treatment.

Cloudy urine: causes in women during pregnancy

Cloudy urine, causes of, in women during pregnancy are often associated with changes in lifestyle and diet women. For example, reducing the amount of fluid intake leads to increased concentration of urine, making it more vivid. Is characterized by the emergence of sediment and disturbance of transparency of urine. Cloudy urine, causes of, in women, during pregnancy which may lie in nutrition.

The predominance in the diet of vegetable fats and frequent consumption of mineral water lead to the increase in salts of phosphates in the urine. These taste preferences may lead to the pregnant frequent urination in the toilet and painful urination. This situation is dangerous to health and requires immediate correction. The fact that the phosphaturia can lead to infection of the urogenital system through urine. If you can’t live without coffee and I just love the chocolate — do not be surprised that the urine has acquired a cloudy appearance, because it dramatically increased the amount of oxalates. In the area of risk are also those who love to eat fresh sorrel or spinach (many grown in their own garden).

It is the oxalates are the cause of unpleasant symptoms such as burning when emptying the bladder, painful process. Fans of meat dishes are not fortunate more than vegetarians — they are threatened infringement of an exchange of salts of different nature. Excessive consumption of meat, the urine acquires a pronounced brick colour and muddy sediment. Both cases are equally dangerous and require medical intervention and correction of the diet of the patient. If you let the process take its course, it can have dire consequences.

Metabolic salts may cause urolithiasis, and then the treatment will be more prolonged and serious. Fortunately, the initial stage of the disease is easy to treat, just need to act correctly. Noticed haze in urine during pregnancy? — visit your gynecologist and tell about your disturbing symptoms. You will be assigned a number of tests, receiving the results of which, it will be possible to start treatment. Sometimes it happens that the turbidity in the urine is not a consequence of incorrectly chosen diet, and the irregularity of collection analysis.

As you know, during pregnancy vaginal discharge becomes more abundant, it secretes mucus, leukorrhea, particles of epithelium. Before sampling the analysis should be carefully washed away and pull the first stream by a sterile vessel. If this is not done — the urine will have a bad view, despite the fact that you’re perfectly healthy. Bad form urine in the morning due to it getting in her secretions. Flakes, which you can see in the urine during pregnancy, can be just mucus from the vagina.

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The above reasons may seem harmless, but sometimes the real reason that the urine looks normal in pregnancy, may be much more serious.

You know what happens if to prepare to pass urine for analysis in advance and place in the refrigerator for a while? — it is guaranteed to precipitate itself and the urine turbid. The picture you see is harmful bacteria.

The presence of these bacteria in just collected the urine, almost always speaks of the genitourinary system infection or inflammation of the kidneys. It may confirm a clinical analysis. In the results it is possible to observe a significant increase in white blood cells and admixture of pus. The urine itself will have a sharp unpleasant odor and her unusual color. Bacteriuria carries a great danger for the pregnant woman and the fetus. Talking about cloudy urine in pregnant women to determine without examination does not work.

Once you have found the dregs in the urine — the first step to retake analysis, observing all the rules and avoiding getting stuck in the biomaterial of mucous secretions from the vagina. What should be the procedure in this case? Before you begin the urine collection, podmates more carefully than usual. Start the process of urination in the toilet, pre-prepared sterile vessel for collection of the urine.

After released the first portion of urine, substitute a prepared vessel and collect the remaining urine. However, do not try to collect every drop — urination desirable to complete the toilet. Thus, for the analysis of the collected optimal average portion of urine.

Urine analysis the right thing to take to a medical facility immediately, but if such a possibility is excluded — you can leave it in a tightly closed container on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator, but not more than 24 hours. After the test, you should consult your gynecologist who will explain what it means a change in urine in your case and let you know what needs to be done.