Inflammation and pain of heaven in your mouth: causes, symptoms and how to treat violations

Inflamed and sore the sky: find out the causes and treatments

The sky is a horizontal partition, which is located in the oral cavity and separates it from the bow.

Two-thirds of the sky in front of the mouth have a bony basis. These processes of the bones in the form of a plate concave shape are arranged in a horizontal position in the upper jaw.

So here, the sky is solid to the touch, but from the bottom it is covered with a thin mucous membrane, where its continuation is the velum. It is represented by the muscular formation with the fibrous sheath and covered with mucosa.

The soft part of the palate is a barrier between the mouth and the pharynx, at the rear edge of which is a uvula.

These two divisions constitute the upper wall of the oral cavity. The sky is involved in the process of chewing, the generation of speech sounds and voice, so is a part of the speech apparatus.

The cause of the inflammatory process

Reasons that cause inflammation of the sky, you need to:

  1. The most important is the fact that its mucosa in the process of chewing constantly in contact with various types of food. While delicate fabrics can come into contact with hot or coarse food, harmful substances and lack of oral hygiene contributes to the development of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, small scratch is enough to bring in a wound infection. As a result, the sky reddens and then swells, blisters or sores.
  2. Bacterial or fungal infection that develops on the mucous membrane of the sky, is also the cause of the inflammatory process. In this case there is a dirty-white coating, shallow ulcers, redness and swelling. Burning, severe pain even while swallowing makes it impossible to take food and delivers significant discomfort.

  3. Another disease with similar symptoms is angina, which is further accompanied by enlarged tonsils.
  4. Upon the occurrence of dental diseases that occur in the oral cavity and affect the periodontal tissue, it can damage the mucous membrane of the sky with the appearance of white sores. The cause of the pain in this case may be pulpitis, caries or stomatitis.
  5. It is possible that the cause of the inflammatory process may be the disclosure of the gums or removal of the nerves with damage of functions of temporomandibular joint.
  6. Another disease of the oral cavity — leukoplakia when a change in the tissues of the mucosa caused by the constant use of hot and cold food as a result of injury.
  7. Under the influence of galvanic currents caused by installation of metal crowns or braces, it is also possible to change the state of the environment in the oral cavity.
  8. Smokers with experience is subject to frequent diseases of the oral mucosa.
  9. The result of inflammation of the submandibular, sublingual or minor salivary glands is benign

    tumors of small size, which slightly increased after opening a small wound. In the case of malignant tumors, such as papilloma, fibroma, neurofibroma, hemangioma, lymphangioma not do without consultation with a specialist.

  10. The appearance of the inflammatory process in the oral cavity may be caused by the use of prostheses in the absence of fusion between the processes of muscle formation in the sky. With increasing duration of use increases the risk of inflammation, the intensity of which in different cases is shown in different ways.

Primary and secondary inflammation

Primary inflammation of the palate caused by the occurrence of etiological factors and education biologically active substances – mediators in the place of the damaging agent.

During the initial inflammation occurs a change in the structure, destruction of cell membranes, disturbance of reactions that take place in the mucous membrane of the sky. In this case, the violation in different ways affects the functioning of cellular organisms on the surface of the sky.

As a result of exposure of the decay products of the primary stage of inflammation is poor circulation and nerve regulation. The action of mediators of inflammation leads to the destruction of trophic and plastic factors.

The secondary inflammation in the severity of the factors is stronger and leads to consequences, which exacerbated the effects of negative agents. Scope of the mediator becomes the periphery, i.e. the area around the primary lesion.

Factors of the secondary stage of inflammation present in the membranes of cells and determine the subsequent development of the inflammatory process. The activity of some cells aktiviziruyutsya and they begin to develop the active substances in the remaining cells, so there is an accumulation of oxidized products.

The photo of the sky inflammation caused by stomatitis

Characteristics of the clinical picture

Depending on the etiology of the inflammation and the symptoms of diseases of the sky has a different character. Injury or scratch causes tingling, which cause discomfort while eating.

In the case of fungal candidiasis of the oral cavity is an erosion of white color, which is not only in heaven but also on the inner surface of the cheeks. Yellowish tint of mucous indicates a problem with the liver, and inflammation of the tonsils and simultaneous reddening of the sky indicates a sore throat.

In most cases, the diseases affecting the parts of the sky and capture the language, which becomes edematous, increased salivation.

Furthermore, a painful condition of damaged areas, burning or redness, which in some cases is accompanied by high temperature.

Why hurt the sky?

To clarify the question of why the sky is sick, you should consult a specialist and pass a comprehensive examination, as the cause of the inflammation can be diseases of internal organs.

Bacterial infection in some cases accompanied by fever, pain when swallowing increases, because the infection provokes redness and swelling of the pharynx. It is also noted swollen lymph nodes and sore throat.

Pathological changes in the blood and intoxication products of inflammation at the cellular level contributes not only to formation of plaque on the mucosa, but also triggers the appearance of pustular lesions. For the manifestation of a protective response, the body begins the production of additional amounts of protein.

Therefore, the main causes of pain in the sky are:

  • violation of its mucosa;
  • the disorder of metabolic processes;
  • the phlogogenic action of enzymes;
  • activation of protective forces of an organism.

Therapy violation

Inflammation is not only dangerous, but also bring significant discomfort to the person. In order to get rid of the inflammation of the sky need to find out the cause of the disease. In this case, the doctor will be able to determine the objectives and method of treatment.

What can you do if inflamed and sore the sky:

  1. If the source of the inflammatory process is a trauma, it may suffice to use traditional medicines. And

    to enhance the effectiveness of their actions, you can use traditional remedies in combination with medicines of local importance. They will not only help relieve pain but will help to create a protective barrier to the penetration of infections and bacteria.

  2. In the presence of dental problems inflammatory the aim will be to eliminate not only pain but also the reasons for their occurrence. So when inflammation of the tonsils, nerves to relieve swelling and pain can not do without antibiotics. This method of treatment will help within 1-2 weeks.
  3. When the mucosal stomatitis may be caused by a fungus, so it is necessary to use antifungal drugs internal use. In this case, is assigned to local treatment with ointments, sprays and gels with observance of necessary hygienic measures and special diets.
  4. When inflammation of the sky with caries or pulpitis, it is necessary to visit the dentist. Initially it is necessary to cure diseased teeth, which are the source of infection. If the source of caries is the virus, the affected areas are treated with antiseptics and analgesics.
  5. If the cause of the pain is a tumor, it is necessary to undergo an examination to determine the nature of its origin. To get rid of malignant tumors or benign tumors can only be surgically removed.

In addition, doctors recommend to avoid the action of irritants, rough food, cold or hot drinks. Diet for inflammation of the should be sparing without sweets and spicy food. You should also give up bad habits – Smoking and alcohol.

How to help yourself at home?

At home help get rid of the pain rinse infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs: oak bark, chamomile, sage, calendula and sea buckthorn.

The healing process can be accelerated by a gargle of tincture of propolis or damaged areas of lubrication oils of rosehip and sea buckthorn.

In order to prevent

Adherence to simple rules of hygiene is the main method of prevention of unwanted processes in the oral cavity. For this

you must brush your teeth at least 2 times a day and it is advisable to use conditioners.

You should follow a proper diet to less to injure the sensitive surface of the sky. Enrich the body with vitamins and microelements.

Avoid stress, maintain immune function, tempered, and take care of the health of the internal organs and periodically visit the dentist.

Inflammation of the palate is not a simple problem. In some cases, it may be caused by serious diseases. To determine the goals and methods of treatment, it is necessary to understand the nature of the disease, determine the symptoms and determine the causes of the disease.

To cope with the inflammatory process, it is important to seek help of a specialist who will not only help in solving the problem, but will introduce you to preventive.

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