Acetone in the urine of the child: signs, first aid, diet and treatments acetonuria

Acetone in the urine of the child occurs because the huge accumulation of ketone bodies (acetone, acetoacetic acid). This process provokes lipid metabolism disorders and dysfunction of carbohydrate utilization.

The accumulation of ketone bodies occurs in the liver from ingested food by an organism of the child. Are chemical compounds formed from proteins and fats. They are important to the human body, they normalize the function of the body and replenishes the source of energy.

However, their abundance has a negative impact on health: there is intoxication, caused by a high content of acetone (acetoneiso syndrome).

The first signs is vomiting arising suddenly bad breath, urine differs in specific sharp acetone smell.

Factors influencing the increase in the level of acetone following:

  • Physical overload. Especially common in children active and restless.
  • Dysfunction of metabolism at the genetic level. For example, if you have close relatives suffering from gout, diabetes.
  • A lot of stress. Positive and negative emotions, exhaustion and over-excitement can become a factor of acetone.
  • The viral infection. Recent illness, especially accompanied with high body temperature, promotes the metabolism of substances in a weakened body of the child.

It is clear that the main reason for the increase in acetone lies in proper nutrition, emotional state and physical activity. So caring parents should pay special attention to your baby and his way of life.

Signs of disease

The main signs of acetone in the urine are:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Bad breath
  • Specific acetone smell of urine
  • Diarrhea
  • Constant drowsiness
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • High body temperature
  • Pronounced headache

Some elevated levels of acetone appears due to the violation of the usual diet or taking antibiotics. Dairy products can also be instigators of acetonemia. Every child’s body is at risk for a variety of reasons. If the mother is attentive to her baby, she may be able to prevent this problem, or at least in time to identify it.

Note that newborns are not acetonemia, since they are dominated by active specific enzymes that can cleave the formed ketone bodies. But with 10 months of age, can already be signs of the high content of acetone in the urine. High risk children under 5 years suffering from diathesis, liver failure, mental disorders, nervous dysfunction.

To determine the level of acetone is not necessary to pass the lab tests, pharmacies dispensed test strips that determine the level of acetone in the body. They are dispensed without a prescription, so buy them can anyone. This is the usual litmus, which is filled with a special product that reacts to acetone.

To conduct a home analysis, need fresh urine and the Cup next to the container of urine for a few seconds, drops the test strip.

In two minutes you can see the result of the analysis. To determine the level of acetone is necessary to compare the color on the test strip and packaging. It presents several shades, which represent various degrees of the content of acetone. The most dangerous condition is defined as the 15 mol. In this case, the child should be immediately hospitalized.

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It is important to note that the content in the urine of acetone it is not a disease, and the individual indicator organism, due to lack of energy. Therefore, when the first signs should immediately start therapeutic measures. This condition can be dangerous for a child, it leads to dehydration, intoxication, provoking poisoning.

Treatment and first aid to the child

To get rid of the high content of acetone in the body can be home by performing the necessary procedure, using the people’s councils. However, if in the first days not observed positive dynamics, should immediately contact the medical facility.

Acetone in the urine of the child appears as a consequence of energy deficit, so to avoid severe consequences, the main thing that is necessary is to compensate the lack of glucose in the body. For this you can use normal glucose solution (5%, 10%).

The doctors in this case, we recommend drinking plenty of fluids, a very useful decoction of raisins, chamomile, dried fruits, they will help prevent possible dehydration. Remember that the smaller the age of the child, the faster the dehydration. A decoction of raisins most rich in glucose. Take any broth should be warm, as glucose uptake is better at achievement of temperature of the body. Recommended to drink small amounts every 15 minutes.

Important tip: if a child is overexcited, overtired, sick, etc., the first thing it should begin immediately served with warm decoction of raisins.

It is especially useful to do this procedure, when a child increases sharply the temperature. At a temperature of 39 degrees, after 2 hours, the supply of glucose in the body is depleted.

You can also unsolder water (Borjomi), not too sweet tea with lemon. Child once given the sorbents (APSCO, White coal, Sorbex), deducing toxins from the body, do an enema, bowel cleansing. To get rid of bad breath take a decoction of rose hips or sorrel.

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Pediatricians recommend alternate and often take the following medications:

  • Regidron
  • Smectite
  • Citruline
  • Kreon
  • Atoxil
  • Kocaarslan
  • Bmargin
  • Stimol
  • Oral

In order to know the daily dose of the solution should the weight be divided by 10. With the first signs of increasing acetone should consult a doctor. In addition to the sorbents, perhaps, the doctor will prescribe additional medication to normalize the function of the pancreas, liver, stomach.

If the child had a sudden severe vomiting, you must perform the following recommendations:

  • fasting
  • drink plenty of liquids, deducing the acetone and makes up for the deficiency of glucose
  • to monitor the levels of acetone with the help of test strips
  • if all the executed instructions to the child becomes worse, you should call a doctor immediately, you may be taken to the hospital

If the time to begin to carry home the above actions, the child’s condition improved the next day, and all the signs of the high content of acetone in the urine will disappear in 4-5 days. If the child’s condition is not improving need to be mandatory to call an ambulance and send the baby to the hospital, where droplets begin to withdraw acetone from the body.


When all requirements are met the next day, if the baby does not become worse, should remember the important rule: the child should follow a strict diet, but in any case, on the second day not to starve. The body needs to cope with the problem independently, for this he will need the nutrients.

The child can be offered crackers, cookies app, a decoction of rice, apples, baked in the oven, drink plenty of liquids. On the third day you can add to your diet rare mashed potatoes, rare rice porridge. On the fourth day is added to vegetable soup. Diet to follow throughout the week, gradually adding buckwheat, oatmeal, yogurt, boiled fish, chicken, steamed.

Strictly forbidden at first the child to eat:

  • Meat broths
  • Fatty meats
  • Fried foods
  • Smoked
  • Pickles
  • Canned
  • Fresh fruit
  • Legumes
  • Chocolate
  • Cakes
  • Sour cream
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Sodas

The diet should be followed throughout the following month after the crisis to full recovery. In the future, it is necessary to control diet, avoid overeating or hunger.


Prevention of improving the level of acetone in the urine is an underrated part of the treatment many parents. The health of the child is 70% dependent on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise. Prevention aimed at the continuous adherence to proper diet, day regimen, the inadmissibility of psychoemotional load. In the evening, the kid needs to relax, for example, listen to a good story or a light pleasant music.

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Do not give your child at night to watch the computer or TV. Of particular importance in the life of the child plays a regular regular exercise. It is important to understand that he should rejoice in these exercises in any case can not be forced.

Fresh air, water procedures, sufficient sleep – all key to the health of the baby.

Performing these simple rules the nervous system of the child will be tense, optimizing the process of metabolism, which subsequently helps to avoid relapse. A positive impact of the annual resort, dominated by the conditions of the mode of drinking alkaline mineral waters.

Children suffering from acetonemia syndrome, doctors recommend annually to test for glucose uptake. To do an ultrasound of the liver, kidneys and the biliary system. Once every six months to do laboratory tests urine and blood. If the baby showed signs of fatigue or weakness first thing you need to make an analysis of the levels of ketone bodies in the body.

Useful video — Acetone in children: signs and treatment

In the period of acute infectious diseases need to take measures of prevention. To explain children’s institution, not to give the baby fatty foods, didn’t make him eat if he wants. Food should preferably be taken several times a day, the main portions occur in the first half of the day. And, most importantly, not forget to drink plenty of liquids.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that a proper, measured way of life of the child has a positive effect on health. Of course, we cannot forget about the positive emotions, you must try to avoid stressful situations, give your baby love and care.