The main features of servicese of the cervix – causes and treatment

Services a fairly common disease. About 30 percent of women faced with this diagnosis, which results in a small shock. The reason is clear — any problems with the reproductive system can develop into something more, especially when not given proper attention to treat.

To prevent the progression of the disease, you must know the main reasons for its appearance. However, not all, knowing the factors contributing to the development of servicesa, pay attention to it and begin to lead a different lifestyle.

The main causes of servicese of the cervix include:

  1. The use of intrauterine devices. Despite the fact that the intrauterine device inserts a doctor, he can cause minor injury to the woman. And in the process of its use, under the influence of some factors it can move from its place and cause injury of the cervix.
  2. Trauma medical instruments. The main part of doctors is very carefully to carry out gynaecological examinations and other procedures related to it. But sometimes scared woman, because of her sudden movements during the examination, the doctor may cause injury.
  3. Abortion. Quite after an abortion there are various complications with which to deal at times difficult. Not always and not all women are treated in specialized clinics in order to have an abortion. Therefore, more and more services becomes a complication of abortion.
  4. Frequent inflammatory processes. At least once in your life, but the woman was cold «feminine». Nothing pleasant in it, because rapidly evolving inflammatory process, which vsledsvii are at risk of reproductive organs. But isolated cases will not be able to harm. But if the cervicitis and other diseases will become frequent, it may lead to a change in the structure of the cervix
  5. Entering the body of harmful microorganisms, such as Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, chlamydia. Often their penetration into the organism the first months is not accompanied by any symptoms. But then, under the influence of irritating and provoking factors, they begin their destructive work.
  6. Prolapse of the vagina, which is also not happening by itself.
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The reasons for the development of servicesa more associated with medical procedures and less likely with unhealthy lifestyle women. But most importantly, time to pay attention to the symptoms symptoms as soon as possible to begin the diagnosis and treatment, as any problem (gynecological) can cause infertility, especially if you do not pay it due attention and not be treated.

Symptoms of cervical servicesa

In most cases, services has no symptoms and can occur unnoticed. And this is the main danger, as time that could be spent on treatment at an early stage, will simply be missed.

That is why gynecologists recommend that women visit them twice a year, in order to detect a particular disease.

Despite the fact that in most of the cases, services – the disease is asymptomatic, some patients report changes in condition.

So, to the obvious symptoms of the symptoms of the disease include:

  • Pain in the abdomen. This symptom happens in almost all diseases of the reproductive system in women, so not all focuses attention on it.
  • Vaginal discharge, and they become much more than before, and they concentration do not correspond to a particular phase of the menstrual cycle.
  • Minor bleeding that occur spotting discharge. Such selection may occur after sexual intercourse, after deep cleaning when irritated mucosa can once again damaged.
  • Redness of the genitals and itching. It is this symptom I draw the attention of most women, as the discomfort forces you to refer them to a specialist.

With the appearance of at least one of the above symptoms should immediately see a specialist because the sooner a problem has been discovered, the faster you can get rid of it, and the less impact will happen in the future.

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The treatment of the disease

After the diagnosis was confirmed, the doctor will prescribe the woman treatment. And not allowed any breaks and the retreat from the recommendations of the expert, as otherwise the treatment will not bring the expected positive effect will only get worse.

So, usually services to be treated in the following way:

  • Assigned antibacterial drugs for local application and for oral administration.
  • Assigned cold therapy, which helps not only get rid of the disease, but also helps to postpone the pain.
  • Assigned to laser therapy. This method of treatment is chosen by the specialist if conservative is no longer valid.
  • Sometimes the doctor will ask the woman burning the place where there are pathological changes.
  • Chooses a particular method for the treatment of a doctor. The main task of the patient to obey him.

Services of the cervix does not present any particular risk, but only if the disease was detected in time and, accordingly, had started treatment.

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