The reasons for the change of smell of urine in children, adults and during pregnancy

If you suddenly find that your yesterday light, transparent and has no odors urine has acquired a sharp unpleasant, and sometimes repulsive odor, it is an occasion to ponder the state of his health. If in addition to the smell detected by turbidity, slime, sludge or blood in the urine, it is an occasion urgently to sound the alarm.

Urine in ancient times was a measure of the health of the internal organs, so doctors of all time first analyzed the state of patient’s urine: transparency, color, odor, presence of various inclusions and even taste. Based on these data, an experienced physician can make a preliminary analysis and sometimes to give a comprehensive diagnosis. In our days the urine test is quite informative, so you should monitor your health closely monitor possible changes in this area.

If suddenly changed the smell of urine, the appeared characteristic smell can tell which organs or body systems failed.

All occurring odors can be divided into several groups:

  • Acetone. Appears when dehydration, malnutrition, during pregnancy, during severe infectious diseases, diabetes.
  • Ammonia. Found most often in low fluid intake.
  • Putrid. May indicate urinary infections, fistula, ingress of Escherichia coli.
  • Of rotten fish. This smell is an indicator of trimethylaminuria.
  • Sour. Indicates high acidity, strong «scilensce» of the body, acidosis.
  • Mouse, reminiscent of an old musty, zaplesneveluju room. It is considered a characteristic odor in phenylketonuria.
  • Sweet. Most often associated with the presence of diabetes.
  • Cabbage or aroma hops. Indicates the primary malabsorption of the amino acid methionine, which is also called «disease chmelewski».
  • «The toe». Indicates the presence of genetic problems with enzymes.
  • Pharmacy. The main reason for his appearance — taking different medications, mostly multivitamins or nutritional Supplements.

Causes and symptoms of possible diseases in adults

The appearance of the repulsive smell of urine must necessarily cause alarm, even if the person does not feel any symptoms of the disease, it is not troubled by pain or other manifestations of the disease.

You need to remember that the majority of urinary infections is not accompanied by outward manifestations, especially among men. Also the initial stages of kidney disease may not manifest pain, but merely a distortion of the usual smell of urine. Most often, when urinary infections bad smell of urine combined with different kinds of secretions from the genitals, itching, and stinging pain when urinating, swelling of the mucous membranes and inflammation.

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The cause can be an STD, so banal infection that can occur without sexual contact, such as thrush. In men, the appearance of putrid odor of urine may be caused by inflammatory diseases of the prostate. Special risk of decay or feces. It may indicate the appearance of a fistula between the urethra and rectum, or between the urethra and the vagina, rectum, and vagina. This is a very dangerous condition which requires urgent surgical correction.

Numerous diseases directly associated with endocrine failures or problems with the metabolism, also often find themselves changes, color and smell of urine.

It can be such a serious disease like diabetes mellitus, phenylketonuria, and some fermentopathy, and more. If urine odor is accompanied by a change of its transparency and color, and the appearance of flakes or any turbidity in combination with the allocation of sand and pain when urinating is most likely that complications of kidney stones with the ingress of infection. Only timely treatment to the doctor will help to prevent the development of very dangerous complications, and at this stage, the inflammatory process can be «turned off» with antibiotics, and stones break apart with ultrasound.

Useful video — a urine test: what can you tell us the results.

When neglected, you may need a full surgery with a long recovery period. On time drawing attention to the alien smell and seek medical help, can timely initiate appropriate treatment and to avoid severe and dangerous consequences.

The causes of changes in urine odor in children

The body of an infant is designed so that any change of food intake affects the state of its secretions. Urine is also not only changes its composition but also the color with the smell. Therefore, changes in odor during the transition from breastfeeding to the formula at each change of the mixture to another view, during the introduction of complementary foods to the child’s body will react to a change in the smell of his urine. If no other symptoms no, my child eats well, sleeps, calm, smiling, and not crying, worry too much not worth it.

But in the case that dramatically changed the smell of urine became very unpleasant, harsh, the child is anxious, sleeps badly, refuses food, he changed the chair or rashes — this is a reason to go immediately to the pediatrician. Such phenomena may be indicators of the appearance of allergies to foods or the development of various diseases. Newborns especially need to monitor closely the smell of urine. Sometimes a simple test of smell allows you to detect such a dangerous hereditary disease phenylketonuria. If you skip this step, the child will be far behind in mental development.

You also need to pay attention to the odor of acetone in the urine of the child.

Acetone — a common symptom in young children caused by the shortage of glucose, due to serious physical or psychological overload. This condition is accompanied by vomiting and loss of consciousness, so the smell of acetone in the urine of the baby, you need to urgently drink plenty of it, giving glucose in any form, preferably in the form of a solution. It quickly blocks the negative effects on the body.

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Should we be afraid of change smell of urine in pregnancy

During pregnancy women have changed almost all the indicators, so the change of smell of urine is not surprising.

Most likely, it is caused by hormonal changes and the influence of fruit and a large load on the excretory system. Most often, the urine becomes more concentrated, thus increasing the sharp smell of ammonia.

This usually occurs in the first half of pregnancy, with fetal growth, the uterus presses harder on the bladder and pregnant woman pees all the time, so at this time her urine is often very light, almost odorless, with a small amount of frequent urination.

But if in the urine there are any traces of mucus, a drop of pus and blood, together with the odor it can be very alarming symptom.

Possible causes:

  • With strong toxicity urine smells like acetone.
  • In decompensated diabetes appears sweet smell of rotting apples, rotting smells is reason to suspect infection in the urogenital tract, such as cystitis, pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, and much more.
  • The use of some products may cause temporary changes in urine odor. This is mainly due to the food containing a lot of sulfur. It sprouts, asparagus, horseradish, onion, garlic and some other products. Usually the next day the smell disappears.
  • Also affects the condition of urine is the medications, especially various vitamins, dietary supplements, antibiotics and other means.

In any case, if you change any indicators pregnant should see a doctor to rule out a threat to your unborn baby.

Methods of treatment of pathology

If you change the smell of urine, and at the end of the day it has increased or remained the same strong, it can mean that the food here is not where you should be concerned about the presence of a disease. Attending physician in this case, since only a specialist may prescribe tests, make a correct diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment.

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As the smell of urine in itself is not a disease, it’s just a symptom, it is not treated and the disease, it provoked. For this, you need to «calculate». The doctor prescribes a series of surveys that aimed at identifying the disease. They need to go, and then adhere strictly to the treatment plan that is chosen by the doctor.

Common cause changes in urine odor sharp and unpleasant — diseases of the genitourinary system including sexually transmitted diseases.

This is a variety of infection provoked by bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa microorganisms. Depending on the causative agent and the type of disease is assigned a special treatment that must be strictly observed. If the smell is associated with kidney disease, then you need a special approach and diagnostics for each disease has its own treatment, sometimes surgery only.

Many diseases, accompanied by a bad smell of urine, are associated with inherited genetic lesions, so they require special medical correction and special diets.